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Name:Daniel Hughes
Birthdate:Jul 21
Location:New York, United States of America
Disclaimer: This journal is a fictional account of an original muse created for the purposes of roleplaying on LiveJournal. The story herein represents a work of entertainment for which no profit is being made. Everything written, unless otherwise credited, is the sole intellectual property of the individual who posted it. Kevin Flamme's face is being used as a visual depiction for the muse, but nothing here is in any way related to that individual. For notes relating specifically to this muse and his characterization, please read this entry. Daniel Hughes is written at twenty-one years of age, and the writer is even older. This journal may contain adult themes. If you are not of legal age to view this content, please do not proceed. The writer will make every good effort to mark adult content as such.

Biography: Daniel Hughes is the twenty-one year old son of Steven Hughes, the Chief Compliance Officer of a Fortune 500 company, and Tessa Risdall, his Valium-addicted housewife. Despite his parents' renown in corporate and social circles, Daniel himself is mostly unknown. His purpose in the family was determined when he was only a few days old, after he failed his universal newborn hearing screening. After further evaluation revealed congenital deafness, Daniel became the poster child for his parents' charitable efforts. As long as he smiled nicely for the family Christmas card and pouted his way through one corporate gala a year, the pair mostly left him to his own devices.

Education was never a priority, despite the hefty sum Daniel's parents put forth in order for him to attend a private school. There was no expectation for him to excel. His monetary needs would be taken care of, as long as he kept to the game plan. As the years progressed, Daniel spent less and less time with his parents, until visits were restricted to major holidays only. What Steven and Tessa didn't realize was that they had birthed an intelligent and curious young man who refused to leave well enough alone. At school, Daniel pushed for more information and more resources. When he was twelve years old, he convinced his parents to allow him to undergo surgery for a cochlear implant.

The hearing world was scary and confusing, and initially Daniel hated every part of it. He regretted his decision and loathed the way his educational team urged him to stick with his choice and see where it took him. Daniel did only the bare minimum necessary to achieve some level of success with the device. His only saving grace was that, as he began to develop a speaking voice, he realized that people were starting to become forced to listen to him.

Despite his intelligence, Daniel was not encouraged to pursue a postsecondary education. His desires were thwarted by his parents, who believed anything less than an Ivy-league education (for which Daniel was not eligible) would be a humiliation. He was allocated a monthly allowance in order to keep a private apartment in a high-rise building downtown. His task remained the same -- keep his mouth shut and keep out of trouble.

Except that's proving more difficult for Daniel now...
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